Thursday, June 9, 2011

let it out.

life sometimes sucks.

you already knew that.

so, here it is: today, i beg you to let it out. i give you permission (if you feel like you need it). scream, kick, cry, punch a pillow, write it out and yell from the top of your lungs. go ahead, i'll wait.

done? ah. felt good, huh?

i needed that. did you? i feel like you did. if you feel like you don't, then you really need it because da-nile ain't just a river in Egypt, people! my mom says that. it's cute. she's cute. i love her.

excuse the above rant, but i'm just not one to pretend like life is perfect. a lot of the time it just plain blows. we live in a sick world. have you noticed? don't turn on the TV, it'll just exasperate the problem.

but, wait.

old, rusted barrel i found in a pile of trash on top of hill overlooking the ocean in Thailand. proof that love and beauty exists amidst the garbage.
there's more. there's joy. there's love. there's generosity. there's beauty. there's ice cream. so, i encourage you to find that "more". please don't deny the pain in your life and the aching heart of this world. refusing to move through (or even recognize its presence in the deepest parts of yourself) your pain, heart break and struggles will only cause more grief and will pave a road of destruction. you will become a bulldozer, trampling yourself and anything in your path. believe that.

you ought to identify those cracks in your bones and take steps toward healing. why? so you can better enjoy the "more" of life.

i wish i had chocolate chip cookies to talk about or the peanut butter chocolate cake i've been dying to make...or that this whole thing would be simply about the fact that mcdonald's ice cream cones bring me a childlike happiness that i can't explain. oh, and that their diet coke is the best diet coke in existence (not like i drink that artificially-sweetened garbage or anything, uh hum)...

but no. today's post is just what it is. recognizing the reality that life is not, and will never be, perfect on this side of eternity (a harsh reality to accept), moving through it with a heart of acceptance and seeking the "more"...the good, the great, the grand. seeking it by creating it.

all that being said, when i go on my daily lunch time walk today...i'm making a bee-line to the golden arches with a dollar in my pocket.

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