what is b.m.b?

this is a love story. one that I've been writing for quite some time now, but my hands aren't tired from holding a pen because this story requires no ink...it is lived. it's one that I've been dying to tell because it's good...oh, so good. this is the syrupy sweet story of the people, places and things that bring me bursting at the seams joy. these pages are filled with coffee shop conversations, freshly sliced lemon pucker laughter, ends of the earth travel, recipes written by the hands of people that make everything beautiful, and of course, love...knee-weakening love. not just romantic, gushy (although, there will be plenty of that), but love and passion for the things that make life on tiny planet earth glorious. bee meets butterfly is my gratitude journal of how these loves have blossomed in my life. My fiance, Brandon (he's the Bee), met a scared little caterpillar and encouraged her to find freedom. wrapped in grace, i emerged ready to love and be loved. i am the butterfly. and that's where we pick up this story. this, my friends, is my love story. my hope is that this inspires you get out there and add some chapters to your own.