Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy birthday!

the beautiful birthday girl and i
today was so fun! i went wine tasting to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday! bee couldn't make it because he had to be a responsible busy bee and! after i got gussied up, i made myself some iced coffee, some toast with peanut butter and banana (favorite breakfast everrr) and headed out the door. (note: i made the coffee way too strong and i was wired. like wiiiired. i sang some glorious melodies at the top of my lungs with much to the delight of my fellow freeway drivers who stared at me with crazy eyes.)

weird photo shoot before everyone else arrived.
after a fun caffeine-fueled drive to Temecula, i arrived, greeted the birthday girl and sipped on some goods. i only sipped a couple tastes because i was driving, but the little i had was delicious! who knew temecula produced such grape juice goodness?!

after some tasty tastings, we were hungry and headed over to one of the wineries where we had reservations for lunch! amazing! the weather was perfect, and the food? ridiculous! i ordered a flatbread pizza with sliced pear, gorgonzola cheese, proscuitto and arugula...DROOL! =D

the whole gang getting ready for some serious nom nom
they brought the birthday girl two little pieces of a vanilla bean cheesecake. yum! luckily, i was sitting next to her so i was in the prime location to snag a bite (or two. fine, three when she wasn't looking).

bright sunshine, good food, good fun...GREAT day!
two megan's and a jill :)

now i'm home hanging with the bee man and my parents are bbq'ing....tri tip... can i get an amen?! mmm.

tomorrow is father's day! going to start off the day with a nice run then spend the day with my main men! :)

i'm weird. oh, you knew that?
ps have you seen the show Shark Tank? b and my dad love it, and while i pretend to be on my computer not caring, i secretly think it's awesome! watch it. you'll get hooked.

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