grab a fork

one time when i was 8-years-old, i made my parents "hot dog pasta salad". no joke. i was convinced this was going to propel me to international fame as an acclaimed chef. the taste was very similar to vomit. like, eww. my parents drank approximately 5 glasses of water each to get it down. ouch. ok, so i have improved since my fake meat and pasta days, but will foodnetwork be calling me any time soon? you never know, but probably not. in the meantime, i cook meals to bring belly happiness to my friends and family. i even have a cute apron. every time i put it on, i channel my inner julia child and i swear my food tastes better. while i do spend more time watching the food network than should probably be legal, i love to use fresh, natural ingredients to create meals that keep 'em coming back.