Wednesday, July 27, 2011

24 Things To Do When I'm 24

I'm turning 24-years-old tomorrow. Yowza.

Tulips. My favorite. These were centerpieces at my first bridal shower! :)

I'm a list person, so what better way to celebrate my birthday than with a list of 24 things I want to do while I'm 24-years-old. I am celebrating by making a list? Yikes. Looks like we're off to a great start, folks...

Well, here it goes!

1.Grow more into the woman God created me to be
2. Get married (November 5th babbbbbbyyy)
3. Work at a job I I am excited to wake up for
4. Run a marathon
5. Perfect my vanilla buttercream frosting
6. Buy a house and always have fresh flowers in the kitchen
7. Read at least 5 books (hey! i'm busy. don't judge)
8. Grow my blog to more readers than just my mom and best friend
9. Have more of my work published
10. Edit another book
11. Begin to write my own book
12. Show Bee how much I adore him
13. Make homemade ice cream
14. Throw a killer dinner party
15. Sell my baked goods
16. Do some sort of mission work
17. Actively participate in the fight against human trafficking
18. Grow my relationship with my new sisters-in-law :)
19. Surprise people with little bursts of sunshine..random hand-written notes, homemade cookies, etc.
20. Grow as a public speaker
21. Learn how to drive stick shift
22. Go surfing again
23. Break a 6 minute mile
24. Have quiet time with God every morning (EVERY morning)

365 days until I'm 5 years away from being 30. Lord Jesus, help me.

Someone get me some ice cream.

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