Saturday, April 9, 2011

i'm lovin it ...

No, this is not a post about McDonald's.

However, this week I have had a random craving for a number 2. Do they still have that? two cheeseburgers, fries, a diet coke (best diet coke ever is from mcdonald's. ever) and big mac sauce on the side (whatever--is it just thousand island dressing? well, i'll give you a thousand reasons why if i was on a deserted island i'd want it with me.)

this post is, however, about the things i've been loving lately...

1. 24 hour fitness was kind enough to let anyone do a group x class this weekend for free. i have been a group x junkie since high school...kick boxing, yoga, pilates, you name it...i love it. my favorite class ever is called Boot Camp and it's taught by a Jillian Michaels look alike (not kidding) and is freaking INSANE. it's my favorite. so, i begged, i pleaded, i implored bee to take the class with me this morning. because he loves me, mr. i-eat-candy-and-whatever-i-want-and-the-only-workout-i-ever-do-is-surf-and-i-still-have-a-ripped-body said yes. let's just say he underestimated how tough of a cookie his fiance is and how hard this class happens to be. watching him limp around today...lovin it!

2. my half-marathon is in 3 weeks from tomorrow! i feel like i'm getting faster and i can't wait to go flo-jo on all them suckas on may 1st. competitive? me? no. ok, maybe.

3. kean coffee. heaven help me. you know i love sweets, but did you know i love coffee? this is funny because i know you could care less whether i like coffee or not, but this isn't your blog so deal with it. what? ok, so coffee is liquid gold to me. not only does it makes me a reasonable and ok person to be around in the morning, but it also is one of my daily rituals that i look forward to each and every morning (and sometimes afternoon and night too). growing up, i have fond memories of going to deidrichs with my dad. starbucks? pshh we knew where the good stuff was. then deidrichs got bought out and life started to suck. kidding. then the diedrich guy opened Kean coffee...the fact that the MAYAN MOCHA is back in my life makes the world a better place. rich, bold, dark coffee (insert how i like my coffee is how i like my men joke here--i'm aware it's too soon)...lovin' it!

4. frozen yogurt.  

frapys=best fro-yo evaaaa

(....what? something more needs to be said?)

5. Bridesmaid dresses are bought. Dang it feels good to be a gangsta...and to have one more thing checked off the wedding list.

6. i made a new email address because i had to make new business cards and i made it with my soon-to-be last name. it felt so creepy, but so amazing! then i thought about how i've spent 23 (almost 24) years with this last name and it's going to be changing in less than four months. i wonder how long it will take me to get used to it. luckily, i'm seriously upgrading to the raddest last name ever. ps i totally have not practiced writing my new name. i promise. i'm lying. i hope that's not too much creepiness to handle. to every girl reading: i know you've done the same thing with a guy you were dating so don't you dare judge me. yeah, i caught you.

7. beige and creams mixed with coral accents for spring. fresh, delicate and fun.

8. inspiring car conversations. conversations inside cars can be some of the best. you know this. today, my friend and i sat inside the car and talked because we were freezing while our guys ate some in-n-out outside in the artic winds of costa mesa, california (it's rough out here). this was one of our first "real" conversations and i loved it. we talked wedding stuff (she's engaged to one of my pastors), cupcakes, plans for the future and dreams. she encouraged me to get out there and pursue my take go for things because, well, why the heck not?! i walked away from that car smelling a little like grilled onions, but with a refreshing bit of fervor and life infused back into my dreaming heart.

what are YOU lovin' lately? people, it's time to start commenting. i mean, mom and best friend, it's time to start commenting. i don't like talking to myself. well, not necessarily true, but you get the picture.


  1. Things I'm loving ...
    1. Coast Hills Church
    2. Bee Meets Butterfly
    3. Daylight Savings (almost summer!)
    4. Food Network
    5. Shark Tank on ABC
    6. Custard
    7. Karate

    Those are things I'm lovin Ms. Meg : )

  2. @ergponcedeleon love it! isn't food network the greatest?! you're doing karate?! that's awesome! we should get together soon and catch up-- i haven't seen you in foreverrrrr! thanks for the comment sista =)